Sunday, November 28, 2010

Episode 1: Transitioning Between RPGs and Video Games

      Segment 1: Who the hell are *we*, anyway?: The Pedigrees Jeff Interviews Michael: 1) Name, Rank, Serial Number? Which means name, age, what city do you live in, what you do for a living, and what else you do for fun. 2) When did you first know you were a tabletop gamer? 3) When did you first know you were a video gamer? 4) If you were to pick the first work in tabletop RPGs that really influenced you, which would it be? 5) If you were to pick your favorite tabletop RPG, over all you've ever played, which would it be and why? 6) What tabletop RPG would you recommend to anyone to pick up right now? 7) What video game would you recommend to anyone to pick up right now? 8) What trend in tabletop RPGs most excites you? 9) What trend in tabletop RPGs is going the wrong way? 10) What trend in video games most excites you? 11) What trend in video games is going the wrong way? Michael Interviews Mark: Mark Interviews Jeff Same Deal. Segment 2: How are tabletop RPGs and video games meeting in the middle? Jeff, , Mark on second, Michael on third. Paper to video: Dungeons and Dragons (duh) - Gold Box Series - Baldur's Gate - Neverwinter Nights - Dungeons and Dragons MMO Call of Cthulhu - Prisoner of Ice (one of the last gasps of the adventure genre) - Dark Corners of the Earth (neat, WONDERFUL concept - but needed a better goal system - cf Dead Space) Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption (the horrible truth about user-created content) - Bloodlines OMG AWSUMMMM Shadowrun - Shadowrun WTF? How did this lose? Hunter: The Reckoning - Wayward - Redeemer Good idea - why is it not since 2003? GURPS - Um, FALLOUT? Remember, Fallout started as a joint work with SJG, and Fallout 1's SPECIAL system is a descendant of GURPS Video to Paper: **MUCH MORE RECENT TREND** 1994: Street Fighter 2002: Alpha Centauri 2002: Everquest 2005: City of Heroes (unfinished) 2005: WoW 2009: Dragon Age Why is this hard? - Why can't paper go to video? (Fanbase size, talk vs. action, length of campaigns) - Why can't video go to paper? (Action vs. talk, only recent move to co-op vs. clan-based FPS, limited setting in most games) Segment 3: Wins and Fails This segment, the two of us reflect on the past week (or the upcoming week) and relay two good things (Wins) and two bad things (Fails), It's a banter topic to help lighten the mood of the show. Nerdy or not, personal or commercial, doesn't matter Michael's Two Wins -Starcraft 2 -Fallout: New Vegas Michael's Two Fails -Trying to read Shadowrun 1E -The military banning Medal of Honor Mark's Two Wins - - Mark's Two Fails - - Jeff's Two Wins - Finally Starting Harry Dresden - Found My New Favorite FLGS: Fantasy Shop Jeff's Two Fails - Late Hit: Sega for apparently employing Obsidian to hate it - Fail by Krome for Game Room: Letting MS talk them into microtransactions Mark, Michael on second, Jeff on third. Conclusion - Conclusion Segment: Name a movie that's good for an RPGer to watch, with one sentence about it. -- Jeff: Prince of Darkness ("THIS is a great modern horror LARP on film.") -- Michael: Can I say Darkon (an actual LARP documentary)? If not, then probably Kick Ass. --Mark: As yet undecided - How to reach us - Teaser for topics on next show

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